Our Worship

“to the praise of his glorious grace…”

Ephesians 1:6a

At Westkirk we believe that we have been created by God to worship him and that he meets with us in corporate worship through Christ. We gather together, as God’s redeemed people, to worship him in Spirit and truth. We believe that God has given us guidance in his Word for how we are to worship him and this shapes our services.

Our worship service follows a set liturgy (order) which emphasizes our belief that God is the One who initiates and we are the ones who respond. God calls us to worship him and we respond in praise and confession of our sin. God forgives us and declares us righteous and we respond in thankful offerings of our lives and resources. God gives us signs of his promises (sacraments) and we receive them with gratitude. God nourishes us with his Word and we respond in joyful song. God sends us out with his blessing and we respond with faithful service in our daily lives.

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